Starting now, whenever “now” is for you, document what you are eating.
Document everything you put into that beautiful mouth of yours for TWO WEEKS.

Jot it down in the way that is easy and sustainable for YOU. Here are some examples.:

  • take a pic

  • use an app

  • use notes on your phone

  • if you’re a high achieving, crafty, artsy thing you - bullet journal it!

  • use the voice memo thingie on your phone

  • write it down using a pencil and paper

  • scream into the void (not recommended in this exercise)

This is research!
Try your best to put judgement aside. This is research.
You can even say that out loud to yourself, to your dog or cat or whatever.
This is research!

Give yourself a break!
You just want to make yourself aware of what you have been eating.

After two weeks add this to your research - NOTES:

  • the time of day you ate that food

  • how you felt right before you put that in your mouth

  • how you felt after you ate

  • the event or moment. I.e. Having drinks with friends or the boss just chewed me out

Perfection is a disease!
You get where I’m going here? Please do you best to try not to prescribe your actions and motives as you are doing this research. You’ll fight me on this. I know. Because I’ve done it. You already know why you are doing something. Uh huh. Or look back after a week and decide you’ve got it all figured out. You are smart and you are amazing. Learning about yourself is hard work, courageous and rewarding. Take the time to do this. Yes, there will be blatantly obvious patterns that you will see right away, but allow yourself the time to do the research. To be an outside observer of yourself.

Please contact me via the social media channels or email with any questions. I’d love to hear them!