Launch is my health blog. An experiment in letting go of extra body weight, incorporating fitness, and nurturing my life with gentle, slow, and sustainable action. This is a launch pad.

You may find this helpful if:

  • You are researching or have invested in a healthy routine, yet feel the massive information you have at our fingertips is overwhelming. Therefore, you are currently reading this and eating your feelings.

  • You want to take on a new way of living your life where you don’t have to give up foods that you love or love to indulge in.

  • You do not know if you have the energy or ability or even a yearning to end up a soggy, sore, mess on the floor everyday from the newest prescribed fitness regimes.

  • The magazines and the media feeds provide researched material, positive vibes and aspirational images, but the exercises are at a level of fitness that is currently light years from where you are in your life right now. Where’s the alternative?

  • You do not want to devote hours and loads of moolah to take on all of the trending projects, products and potions.

  • You want to watch me (and future guests) unfiltered with all the lumps, bumps and imperfections right here, right now improve their health.

  • You wonder whether it’s possible to realize: wherever you are, no matter your age, weight or complicated relationship status you have with food and fitness --you can get healthy and eventually achieve………...FLAT ABS!!

I am on the road to better health, doing it my way, with loads of help from friends and sources I’ve found on and off the internet. My health is all I have. Though that is a huge, dire, and paramount statement I just made - my approach is simple, gentle, flexible and sustainable.