In my first 6 week experiment to let go of extra body weight, I did not exercise.

I just concentrated on what I was eating.

So, if you are just beginning this journey, I highly recommend - only concentrate on what you are eating.
If you feel you can incorporate exercise into your process now here is the first exercise I want to show you.

I enjoy fitness videos, classes and books. I actually love to move my body. Yet, it still takes a lot of mental energy to get myself going.

The exercises I often see in print and online are aspirational. Meaning - when I try to replicate them - they are at the level of fitness and achievement of the expert, not me. This is not a slam on the professionals. Obviously, I want to mirror proper form and the fully realized exercise.

I have learned from many wonderful teachers in my life. The best have shown me “modifications” to exercises that appear overwhelming to me or for times when I’m just not as strong or flexible that day. These modifications address the same muscles and actions, but are just not at the same exertion level as the originals. They are there to launch your fitness.

I will be showing you modifications in concert with expert videos.

Plus, I will demonstrate foundational exercises that you can use to help you ignite sleepy muscles, get to know your body more so that you do exercises safely and efficiently.

These simple moves and postures will eventually become a warm up and can be done individually throughout your day even when you are not exercising as they will benefit your general health.