professional performer FACEBOOK PAGE?

BOTTOM LINE:  Nope. Your posts are not seen by your followers unless you pay.

If you are a performer, a professional page is not worth your time. If you do not feel a twinge of embarrassment if a potential director/collaborator sees your personal posts, than I'd say stick with your personal account. If you are an artist that offers tangible goods (paintings), services (classes) or you have ticket sales to push, this may be a great source, if you are willing to spend the money to "boost" your posts.

"Rather than showing people all possible content,
News Feed is designed to show each person on
Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them."

You may already be aware that you do not have control of viewing News Feed from your Friends and Likes in chronological order. Facebook decides what is relevant to you. Thus, if you are selling a product/service, paying to be seen may make it possible to be seen by your existing followers and public News Feeds.

My research for this post includes reports from fellows that are frustrated about their posts floating away in the ether when they use their FB Professional Pages and from articles including some from these following websites:

Facebook for Business


Growing Biz Social